I love my car, and i will never sell it.


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Mar 7, 2002
Cape Cod, MA
With this rash of people selling there cars, i am here to say that i will never sell mine. even though my engine is hanging from a chain now with no pushrods, and my car has like 8 colors, its all good. And, once its paid for its just saving you money, and you get to mod it opposed to paying for another car, 700 a month for a new, stock car. i may get other cars, but dammit i like my mustang, its fun to work on for me, plus what are you gonna find that sounds like a five-o? nothing.
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I hear that. Bought my 95 Triple Black Gt in May of 2001 - and unfortunatley this is the first summer I get to start modding it' - yeah there are times when she's running like **** and needs the minor upkeep jobs to keep her running - but I know when I drop my 6 g's into it and completley beef up the motor and the body of the car it'll all be worth it. Plus, to be honest, the SN95's STILL look hotter than any of the 99-04's did - I still get people asking me if my car is new. Nothing beats the body style. Nothing!
i hear that, i think my car would have to blow up for me to sell it, damn im going with no a/c in humid houston weather now, that shows a lot right there. :D cant wait till i win the damn lotto so i can make a bad ass sleeper.
I remember my brother saying similar things about his mustang. "I'm going to own this car until the day I die." The next week it had a little run in with a maxima, a small truck, and a light pole. Well, he didnt die, but the 'Stang sure did. :( :owned:

*This thing was worded a little wierd but my brother wasnt hurt. :D
Never is a very strong word...LOL
I have known at least two people who said exactly the same thing. Both of them got to the point where they just weren't into this hobby anymore for one reason or another and both sold their cars. So as the saying goes, never say never.
seeing as how my dad is always complaining about how he should have kept the like three different mustangs he owned and says he was the biggest idiot to sell them... i hope i keep mine around so one day i can say "i'm sure glad i didn't sell this thing" and it'll be a classic!!!

btw he had somethin like a 65 and a 66 coupe, and a 65 vert- other cars included an el camino and all these cars he made sure were muscle... how i dislike my father's decisions sometimes drivin around in his fat minivan
One of the great things about owning a Mustang is that there are so many good sources of parts for them... I don't plan on selling my 95, ever. Even if it's totalled, I'll be learning how to repair/replace whatever it was that was damaged, instead of giving up on it.

Eventually I'll be getting MORE Mustangs, not getting rid of them. :p Like several people have mentioned, mine's paid off, the insurance isn't expensive (I'm 25 with a squeaky clean record), so why would I want to get rid of it?
i never want to be that guy you meet that had a badass car back in the day and wishes he hadnt gotten rid of it.........you know the guy.

Like my dad for instance had
70 442 W-30 Vert
69 Camaro SS Vert
71 Pontiac GS
Naw can't see selling the girls. I have wanted a 5.0 since my uncle had an 85 boss when I was 7. I own both of them and to sell or even trade would be waste. They have been good to me for the most part. And what most people don't realize is that every car will give you problems, so why not just stay with what you already have.
but there are always moments when you think it might be nice to have something newer like when working on rusty exhaust bolts and you think you finally got the damn nut started only to realize a half turn later that you were actually twisting the nut off with the threads still in it. Not that that has happened to me recently........
I am with you I will never sell my car. It not worth it I love it too much. It's not like I could sell it for a much right now anyways. I have a ton of money saved so after college I can buy a new house and new car.

Im married and have a son, I am the only one one working so I have have limited funds to spend on my car but Im gonna hang in there. Im not scared to work on it when its not running right. All of my friends got married and sold thier cars for more family type vehicles and regret it..my dad is the same way..57 Chevy 2 door and a 69 Chevelle SS 396...he always talks about how he shouldnt have got rid of them
I bought my 1994 back in 1997. It is my first car. I ran it until it wouldnt run anymore. I am in love with it so I garaged it and decided I would wait till I had the money to put it back on the road. I bought an 02gt, my second car. Decided I liked the 94 better. So I saved my money and dropped about 10k into. I will never sell it. If it were a human female.......I would marry it. :hail2: OCD much? :D
I have no plans to ever sell my car. Like was said, I don't want to be the guy that you meet years from now talking about what he USED to have and how he regretted selling it. Plus I have too much time, money, blood, etc in my car for someone else to simply "purchase." I don't want someone else taking the credit for the car I created. When I proposed to my wife I told her that I didn't believe in pre-nuptial agreements, but she had to promise to never make me sell the stang unless we were living in a box on the side of the road or something.