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Jul 13, 2003
Get rid of everything... you know when you're fed up and stressed because you've just lost 2 grand over a stupid paint job... you sort of want out of the hobby, and I've been flip-flopping back and forth on this.

NOW a company goes over to my dad's house to install the windshield, no biggie. WELL NO! I'm missing all the clips for the moldings and he said it's better to install the clips before the windshield. This is sort of "the straw that broke the camels back" type of thing. So now I have to wait a week before I can get the windshield in. During this week, of course, it's going to rain like a mofo! So I put the windshield into place to help with the car cover (as to not make a big crator full of water).

I just can't get over the paint job, everytime I look at my car I want to go over there to kill the focker that painted the car. Not even kill him, I think I'll make him drink some paint thinner first. Maybe after fill his nose with putty, then fill up his god damn neck with body filler too. Watch him suffercate... if he's still alive - dig a hole in his neck so he can breath again... later fill that **** up with some body filler and watch him suffercate again. While he's on his last moments, I'd cut his legs off and beat his fat head with them.

It's not that the paint is terrible but, to me, the job is NOT worth 2 grand. He left out a bunch of dents, he didn't properly sand the hood, and didn't use primer on the hood so that didn't help too much either, the hatch has some nasty sanding marks, and the spolier has some dripps on the bottom.

It isn't the base-coat/clear-coat with blue pearl he said he'd paint with in the first place. No instead the car is black but looks burgandy in the sun and it's Urethane "1-step" paint with some clear mixed in for a greater shine. He asked me for $1000 upfront to buy all the paint and materials - but a couple of weeks later says he lost the paint (I never seen this, or can't get any bills from him proving he bought some paint)? WTF??? So he called up his friend who works at a paint store to conjure something up, he got a free gallon of paint!

The car was in his hands for a MONTH yet he worked maybe 20 hours on the thing. During this time I had to move the car from a bodyshop to a redneck garage because the owner of the initial shop cut the power. So the car was painted in a 2 car garage without proper lighting and ventilation. I try to talk him into fixing this and that but he responds with "well I'd have to repaint the entire hood, or door and I don't feel like it". So instead I have to pay someone to wet sand (YES, he said he'd do that too) and put some focking decals to hide the dents.

I know it's not the car's fault, the body is in GREAT shape and has no rust. It's as straight as an arrow and has NO BODY FILLER except for the minor dings he did find :rolleyes: I got all the parts to rebuilt it and it will make a great little car but I'm sort of fed up.

I'm fed up because it reminds me too much of my stupidity. I was STUPID! STUPID, STUPID! I'm a dumb focking moron for not watching my stuff closer and for trusting someone that I shouldn't have. Two grand is a lot of money just the same and I could have put that cash to better use like a nice pair of heads lol...

That's why I say, someone better not offer me a grand because I think I would accept it and swallow long and hard and cut my loss. Once I hate something, I really hate it. Same goes for people - that guy is going to pay dearly for this. I mean he is going to PAY! Not in cash because that's a lost cause since he doesn't have any.
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I just took some pics:

Side view, hard to see defects on the web like this, but the pieces of white tape shows where the dings are... The ones on my door are HUGE dings. No excuse to miss these. The green tape was put on by the windshield guy. He laughed at me outloud when I told him this paint job was $2000. The worst part is that the car isn't even BLACK!

This is a top view, in the rear corners of the hood it looks like there was no primer over the body filler. The paint on the scoop is "ballooning" as if the paint isn't sticking. The front bumper has some grain. You can sort of see what I'm talking about on the driver side fender, near the branch reflection. It's kind of fuzzy. In person this car is not very nice...

This is where the car was painted, this is in a residential area.

What a nice setup for an exhaust fan, I wonder what the neighbors are gonna do?

A close up of the non-filtration system.
My boss said he'd fire me if I get into debt for a new car (Long story, he just wants to help out).

So I guess I will take a small loan to fix up the 'stang - My boss would be willing to loan me 5 grand with no interest this summer. The "smart" thing to do is to tough out the car this summer by finishing all the mechanic, suspension and interior and this winter go out and have the car repainted by ANOTHER shop. I'm thinking Fix-Auto or some huge place that will warranty the work. Fix-Auto fixed up my ZX2 and the job they did was awsome. If I would have brought my car there in the first place - it would have been perfect. I could base/clear coated the car myself in my tempo and I'm 200% sure the job would have been nicer. That will teach me to stop smoking pot, my mind doesn't work without the stuff lol

I'll do all the hidden areas this summer so all there would be left to do is the outside (cheaper). I'm even going to redo the engine bay before the engine goes in, I want to weld all the holes in (guy was supposed to, but I found out he doesn't have a welder haha!). The problem is that I don't want the car to be black anymore, I'm painting it Sonic Blue. So under the hood, door jams and whatnot will be blue... Work in progress I guess! I won't be doing too many car shows hmmm unless I make a sticker "Peinture par..." hehe

My car might be ugly this summer but at 400hp, I don't think people will be laughing very long since they will become very small, very quick in my rear-view mirror lol

I'm just so pissed off, it's true that the car looks worse with the ugly 14" rims, next week I will put the 17" fobra R wheels (to be replaced by some 5 lug wheels over SN95 Cobra brake upgrades or BAER big brake kit)...
He obviously messed up your car - some payback is in order.

As a concerned citizen, you should report his business to the city. He probably doesn't have a permit and it's obvious his paint booth ventilation isn't legal or even permitted in a residential area.

Just keep calling the township or city like every week until they shut him and fine him.

If you are a bad man, paint a plywood sign saying "Mr. XXX stole $2K from me" and prop in a pickup truck and park it out front of his place on the street.

Oh yeah.