i think this is finally the end


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Jul 18, 2005
Four Oaks NC
after considering the money i will be spending with a child coming along in 6 months, i have decided that it is in my best interest to pay off our bills and free up some money for the baby. i came up with this idea and my wife thought i was crazy, but i have decided to part out my entire car. it will not happen until after mustang week since i have already booked my room, but i wanted to put this out in case anyone is interested in anything i may have. the parts on the car are worth more than i can get for selling the whole car, so i will be stripping it down to a bare shell and either selling it for someone to make a race car out of or sending it to the crusher.:( i have had fun with the car but considering i have put less than 300 miles on it this year, i feel it is an unnecessary expense at this point. i have a clear title in hand for the car and the body only has 36K. i hate to do this but i want to do what is best for my family.

i will post a link to the thread once i have all the prices put together. please dont send me any messages or post about parts you want. this is not a for sale thread, just a heads up if anyone wants to start saving for some really nice parts that were barely used for a deal.

on the bright side i will be back in a mustang in the future. i have already made a deal with my wife that after we have put back 15K in savings that i will be buying a used corvette or a new GT with the 5.0 and will have a KB waiting for it before the papers are signed:D

feel free to check my cardomain page for a mod list. it isnt up to date but 90% of my stuff is on the list
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Like a Phoenix rises from the ashes of its predecessor, the new Stang will rise from the Old. I'm heartbroken for you man, your car is so awesome. Good luck with your baby, and before you know it you'll be cruisin in that 5.0 :flag:
Noooooo! This is a sad day not only for you, but for us all. We could only hope that you would poke your head around every once in a while. I dont post much, but I couldnt tell you how many threads ive read where ive seen your gorgeous avatar and smiled on the inside at your rediculously high HP number.

On the other hand, im kinda excited because I WILL buy something off your car when the time comes. Just make sure you post something in here and i'll be there with cash in hand.

Best of luck with the child!
I'm sure your child will give you more joy than any car could. Best of luck to you!


Like a Phoenix rises from the ashes of its predecessor, the new Stang will rise from the Old. I'm heartbroken for you man, your car is so awesome. Good luck with your baby, and before you know it you'll be cruisin in that 5.0 :flag:

Absolutely agree with both these guys. My 2 yr old son is the absolute best thing that ever happened to me. Also, I won't have my current Stang forever...it'll end up in another driveway and another will end up in mine. Good luck brother!:nice:
It really sucks to have to sell/ part out your ride, but I feel your pain.

We (the fiance & I) have decided to sell the '00 Mustang & '73 Nova to pay off as much debt as possible before we start our family.

I made a promise.....once we have the credit cards and 2 other cars paid off, and sell the house we are in (our 3yr plan), kid(s) or not, he can go get the project car he has dreamed of forever and do whatever he wants to it.

Congrats on the bambino, and I hope the next Stang is as sick as the one you are ridin now!

Make sure you post a link to the fs thread in here so I know when it's up.

x2, I am subscribing to this thread specifically to know when your FS thread is up.

On the other hand I think you are doing whats best for your family, and when you get back into the Mustang game you will love it more than ever! I did the same thing when I had my daughter, but then realized with my situation I didnt really need to so I jumped right back into a Mustang!
Ben, you may find parting out your car to be more trouble than it’s worth. It’s true, you'll likely make marginally more money (assuming you stick firm to your guns on the sale price of the items) doing it this way, but all of the wrenching is really going to cut into your spare/family time.

What really sucks is when you have to resource any modified, or thrown out original stock parts that were removed in order to do your initial build up. Some of that stuff can nickel and dime you to death. It would be a shame to go through all that trouble of stripping the car, then itemizing and advertising parts individually....not to mention going through the :bs: of selling them off, just to break even. :(

All this being said, what are your plans with the Ranger project?
i'm not putting the car back stock to sell it. it will be a roller with no engine trans and only the dash left inside. i already have a buyer for it lined up. if i sell the car as it sits i MAY get 16-18K depending on the buyer. i can get MUCH more than that if i part it out. (i'm thinking at least 5K more) i can have the engine and trans out in a few hours and the other stuff will be easy to remove. sell both sets of rims and let it go on 4 spare rims. i'm talking about GUTTING the car. not just some parts, i mean the carpet and everything:D

the ranger is still in progress. the body work is done and it is getting trimmed out and the glass should be back in it by the end of next week. i have some pics i need to post up in that thread. the truck is all but finished as far as spending money. i may have $500 left to get it running.