? if you have CC plates with a bearing...


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Sep 22, 2003
Phoenix, AZ
...do you hear your brakes make a grinding noise when you depress the brake pedal to stop?

I just got done installing fms b springs, Strange Eng. 10 way struts and shocks, fms CC plates, fms upper control arms, and Lakewood lower control arms. On the ride home I noticed that now I can hear the front brakes making a grinding noise only when trying to stop. Pedal feel was smooth. When I got home I felt both sides of each front rotors and they were smooth. No signs of grinding. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed an increase in brake noise when going from a bushing to a bearing CC plate.
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Thanks man.

MysteryMachine said:
People say the cc plates clank a lot. I have UPR ones and I haven't noticed anything. Haven't noticed any brake noise either.

I kinda figured I shouldn't be hearing this much noise. I guess I'll have to lift each tire and spin it. See what's going on when the brakes are depressed.
It just goes to show you shouldn't work on your car when you have a cold and are in a hurry to get out of yours friend's shop. I put one of the brake pads in backwards on the passanger side. Luckly it did not damage the rotor.
Thanks everyone for the replies,