I'm going stroker!!!


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Aug 22, 2004
Jersey Shore
I'm picking up a 331 with a stock block, Forged crank, rods, and pistons, with custom cam which I'll be getting rid of, timing chain, cover, and lifters for $900 LOW MILES, looks new. It has pistons with reliefs and they were setup for a blower supposedly, so I don't know what the compression might be.

I'm looking at some aluminum heads on a budget, would 60cc heads be better than 58cc? bigger area would be less compression correct? what other things should I be looking for, what cc runners?

I will be running a Trickflow Trackheat intake, 1 5/8 long tubes, 70mm throttle body, and just a mild boost friendly cam since I will be supercharging than turboing it in the future. All tuned via Tweecer R/T.

What would 180cc runners advantages be over the 200cc runners?
and plus any other tips....
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