IMRC Fix, Any Advice?


New Member
Aug 16, 2006
Suwanee, GA
My 98 cobra is throwing a code turning the check engine light on because of the IMRC(Intake Manifold Runner Control). I talked to the shop that built my cobra and they said it is common and you just replace it. I will admit I am not too technical on working on cobras, but my friend is over here drinking a few beers that has a sick cobra himself and he believes from his extensive car knowledge coped with the mustang repair book he could help me fix the problem described above. He said pretty much you disconnect the intake, then take off the intake manifold and you can access it from there and you most likely only have to CLEAN it out and not necessarily replace it. Is this the most logical way to fix the problem or does it actually have to be replaced? Also, is it a relatively simple fix to spend a few hours on in the driveway or can you screw things up easily? He is very confident he can do it(never has done it before, but has removed his intake and worked on other maintenance inside his cobra engine... Any advice or experience is welcomed! Thanks
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