Instrument cluster re-pinning help;

Grey 87 Stroked

New Member
Mar 18, 2008
I have researched in here for a couple hours about re-pinning my 87 GT harness to work for a 90-93 cluster, and found the diagram for the pins w/ a description, BUT still am unsure of exactly what pins have to be moved to where to work properly. Does anyone have a list or can tell me which pins to move to where for the 90-93 cluster to work PROPERLY. Forgot to mention that I have a 90-93 steering column as well as a 90-93 160mph cluster. So as you can tell I think that my ONLY option is to REPIN the harness properly. I CAN NOT SIMPLY PUT AN 87-89 CLUSTER BACK IN DUE TO THE NEWER STEERING COLUMN AND WHEEL.
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