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Dec 17, 2020
Wesley Chapel, Florida
I was upgrading my throttle body when I noticed this badge. Does it come standard?


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Years ago I painted the one I had black, then took it to work with me, took a few light passes on a surface grinder, then sprayed it with clear. I thought it looked great! Sold the car so I don't know how well it held up or what it looks like today though.... :shrug:

I decided to add a little tasteful color. Only thing not shown in this pic is I painted the dot in 5.0 red (similar to badge on the fender)
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did you strip the intake before painting?
I just went over the entire intake with a wire wheel on an angle grinder. Just to remove the old crud and corrosion and still leave some casting texture. That was the first Explorer intake I found. I sold it and use one from a '96 with the internal EGR

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I cut the loom tab off, used a cut off wheel to cut the remnants of the tab even with the side ribs. Then sanded and polished, masked off and then painted intake. Still using this one with the coloured intake cover.
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so here's some updated pix. I noticed that the intake opening was about a quarter inch smaller than the new throttle body. I was going to just perfect use a dye grinder and debur bit until I saw this abrasive pad sanding wheel. It was worn to a taper and fit just perfect to open up the intake mouth to gasket match the throttle body.


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