Is getting better gas miliage really possible???


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Aug 8, 2003
Azle, TX
with the rising cost of gasoline; my comute back and forth to work (85-90 miles round trip) is looking more and more expensive. After sitting down and thinking i said well let's see what everyone else has to say. I have a 2000 mustang 5 speed. It has a 87mm MAF and a 75mm throttle body, no chip yet. If I were to go to let's say a 2.90 rear from the 3.27 and get a 2 inch full exhaust on would I hurt or feel great about the gas miliage. I know it would be slower, but my main concern is GAS. 2.12 for 93+ octane.
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Aug 4, 2003
Dracut Ma
Well what are you getting for gas mialage? HIghway you should be getting high 20's wich i would'nt call bad gas mialage.? As far as the gears go i would'nt do it man, you will hate the way the car will feel. Even under normal driving. The best thing you can do is slow down and if you don't have a chip dont run 93 octane. the car does'nt need it. :shrug:


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May 23, 2002
Birmingham, AL
yeah no need to run 93 unless you've messed with the timing etc, and I def wouldnt change the gear at all. The best thing to do IMO is by a beater car. Find somthing that runs good and get that. Thats my $0.02


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Oct 22, 2000
No need for the 93 with your mods. Keep your speed reasonable on the hwy. Just about any mod that will help the engine breath better will make the engine more efficient, thus improving gas mileage. U/D pulleys will help you as well.


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Apr 29, 2002
boy this has to be about the 12 gas mileage thread i've seen in the last few months.

yes, underdrives could pick-up a little mileage.

i'd do the basics 1st like a tune-up (air and fuel filter, spark plugs, a synthetic oil change) and having proper air pressure in the tires.
2.12! That is cheap as hell? Its around 2.45 where I live. Do not change your exhaust to 2 inches, and do not change your gears to something that low. Don't use the A/C, run synthetic oils, and don't worry about mileage because the best you'll get is 24-29 on the highway which is great for a performance motor.

DrK MrK iV

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Jan 11, 2004
Run 87. Our engines are supposed to run that anyways. Simple stuff. Don't run the A/C, roll up your windows on the highway (less drag ;) ). So what if it gets hot? Tire pressure, and some weight reduction. Oh and not racing also helps a little.


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Jun 15, 2004
Tustin, CA
WOW! I wish gas was that cheap around here! Where i live in So Cal the average is about 2.20 for 87 octane if you want to get 91 you're lookin at about 2.50 and 93 isn't even offered. You should feel lucky gettin gas that cheap.
i heard that keeping the ac on is better than having the windows all the way down. doen know how much of that is bull**** but whatever, it was on the news. so anyway, why whould you change your exhaust to 2"? that would increase restriction, lower your horsepower, decrease engine efficiency, and be a total waste of money. but thats my .02 and you are using premium for what reason again??? unless you are running boost or have a timing issue, use regular. its cheaper and theoretically you should get better mileage because of how it burns compared to premium. and GOOD GOD, DONT CHANGE THE GEARS!!!! PLEASE!!!!!


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Apr 29, 2004
Hmm gas here is $1.99 for 93 octain, guess we are lucky after all LOL.Anyways yea I would turn off the A/C and crack the windows about 3-4 inches, drive at 60MPH, and shift at 11MPH for 1-2, 19MPH for 2-3, 30MPH 3-4, and 40MPH 4-5.All that should help.I wouldnt buy a beater car, because then your just paying payments (or the initial purchase price anyways) so you can drive a piece, and look like a retard going down the highway.I would rather get my use out of it and pay the gas....actually my GT is my "beater car" in a way LOL.I got my 13MPG 66 for weekend and this car for messing around and going to work all the other times, while getting good milage and looking cool.Oh yea and you know, as soon as you start driving a beater (not refering to the GT lol) your going to have vipers and lambos and punk ricers passing you left and right, and your going to be dying, wishing you were in your "other car" LOL.