Is it possible to buy stuff cheap anymore??

I would like to get a new transmission but damn they are expensive! I would like to have a four or five speed and i want one cheap. All the new ones are listed at $1,200!!! WAYY TOO MUCH IMO. But if there is someone selling a four or five speed cheap...let me know please

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try any local salvage yards (meaning they DO NOT allow you to pull just any part off the car) ive had some quoted out of newer mustangs, cobras etc for under 600 and they were just fine with low miles some even ran still just had the living daylights bashed out of them in wrecks
The places im refering to are not your junkyards everyone thinks about these are impound cars wrecked cars totaled vehicles sometimes u can even buy runners or fix up ones they generally supply your good body and drivetrain shops with quality used parts

btw i just checked your area there are tons of them listed in yellow pages gimmie a few days and Ill see if the person I know that lives up your way knows of any good places to check.
The secret to this hobby is connections, you have to network just like in a corporate situation. I am building my fastback on the theme of "super cheap". I am hardly buying anything. I trade my labor and expertise for parts with my buddies. Most of them have loftier goals HPwise than me so I help them upgrade and I get the old parts. Basically I work for parts. I have 2 complete T-5 setups bellhousings and all in the garage and my total dollar outlay is $0. I helped some friends with their projects and since they upgraded to TKO trannies they gave me their old T-5s.

I get a lot of my parts this way. If I listed all the high dollar stuff going into my car that cost me no $$$ just some time working on other people's cars, which I enjoy anyway, you would be amazed. I have been doing this for many years and have amassed a large collection of parts ranging from the commonlplace to the extremely rare.....the one thing that binds them is I payed little or nothing for all of them.
No, my car is not showcar material. Leaks, soggy carpet, lame engine and transmission...I have been to a couple of car shows without the stang but only in montgomery.

RajunCajun...anything you or your friend can tell me about cheap parts is more than welcome.

RonStang- I have to agree with Mustang70, if you ever need to make one of those t5's disappear for cheap.......... :rolleyes:
Good news, when looking in the Bulletin Board (sales magazine), I found two ads both involving a 302 engine......
"318 DODGE 302 and 351 Windsor engine, good conditoin, Call 334-288-4094 "
"302 FORD engine and transmission, 350 Oldsmobile motor and tranmission. Call 334-227-3684"

I am going to try to give these two a call about the engines, especially the one listing about the engine and tranny... there is another ad listing that looks like a good bargain
"FORD T10 four speed transmission for $150. 2 Holly 4 barrel carbs, 750 double bumpers $75 each. One 79 Ford 351 Windsor rebuilt dark 2 heads, 202 valves, performance cam shaft and intake, $1500."

What do you guys think?
You think it's bad now ? Just wait, every type of metal is going up in price. Aluminum seems to be the worst right now. And steel is in a close second. I bought a $7000 mower 2 few weeks ago and it has been said that in the next month or two, the same exact one will be 600-800 dollars more expensive because of the price hike. Between the gas prices (I spend over 1k a month on gas,how is that possible?) and insurance jabs and everyone else sticking out their hand I might have to start selling crack just keep on the streets. :rlaugh: And sell my first born to keep my car ? :shrug: