Is the Rear Axle or Differential Fried?? Answers ASAP Please


Aug 20, 2004
Ok. So I think I may have fried the rear axle or differential :( Or some part in it.

Just so you know my setup:
'02 V6 Auto
57K miles
EBAY CAI, Flowmaster Muffler

Alright so I left for work Thursady morning, Back out my drive way shifted to drive and felt the DRIVER side tire spin. Figured it was black ice since it had rained the afternoon/night before and froze over. Got to the end of the street turned left to head out to the highway, heard some thing go *PING* and felt the driver side spin again. Now it began doing this everytime I was stoped before I made a turn.

Saturday I take Dad with me and we don't even make it down the street before it acts up. Back down driveway, shift to drive and *PING* *Thump* *BANG*!

"Maybe we should pull back into the driveway"
"Yea I think so too."

It's not in the trans as we did manage to get it down the street and it shifts fine. Also definite is that it's on the Driver's side.

Anybody have any ideas? The truck was sheduled for work tommorrow but I think I'll call and have them fix the Stang first. Truck is still drivable (Leaky front transfer case seal) Stang isn't really. I just want to see what everybody thinks it may be.


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