Is this normal????


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Aug 11, 2003
Ever since i got a prochamber put on my 02 GT it always backfires when cold. If I warm it up for like 3-4 minutes then it's all good. While it's warming up, it sounds like its going to die (but never does) for a few seconds, then its all good. If I just drive off cold I can get on it all I want and it won't go, it will idle really bad and sound like it's going to die for about 8 seconds, then a "popping" sound and its all good after that. Some mechanic told me to switch to premium fuel, which might have helped a bit (although it might just be the fact that I started warming it up now). So is this normal for an off road pipe??? My only other mods are flowmaster mufflers and a K&N.

P.S. For as long as ive had the car, about 6 months, every now and then it starts kind of odd. It will either take about 4 seconds to start OR, you know how when you start it and it ignites it's goes "VROOOOM" really loud (lol, best I can describe this) well sometimes it doesn't do that, it will just sound like its stuggling to start and you don't really hear the loud ignition but it still starts. This was way before the prochamber and im not sure if it has anything to do with what im experiencing now. It only does this about once a week or so.
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My car did that with the O/R H I had on it but now that my Prochamber is on the deceleration has smoothed out. You are just tallking about the popping and not an actually loud-as-gunshot backfire right?

Sounds like the idle problem at start-up might be the IAC giving you problems. I also had this happen on my car and I cleaned the IAC to clear it up.