keeps stalling


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Mar 11, 2002
my 93 2.3 keeps stalling, it starts up runs and idles a couple secs. then it just dies, or if you put it in gear and hit the gas it dies. it seems like it is not getting any gas. the fuel pump kicks on, and i just changed the filter. i am stumped here what am i missing or forgeting to check?
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Best way to start on this is by getting the codes out of the computer, one way or another.

Last time my 89 had this, a new MAP sensor fixed it, but I had a code for that. W/o codes it is guesswork only.
Mine was doing that too. The problem with mine was, a vacuum hose under the hood next to the firewall kept popping off. I would put it back on and a couple of days later, it would pop off again. I just put clamps on the hoses.