WTB/Trade Kenne bell 1.5 or 2.3 supercharger for 87-93 mustang.

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Jan 4, 1985
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There's no KB 2.3L for the Fox. There's a 2.1L that is the most common of the Blowzilla and Flowzilla units and a very few 2.2L Blowzilla. The only way to get the 2.2L is to have an older version Blowzilla tuner kit since those units never made it into a Flowzilla kit. The 2.2L Flowzilla kits that you see in the wild are those that were converted to Flowzilla by the end user. There weren't many of those to begin with.

Good luck with your search. They are getting pretty tough to find.

Also: Keep your eyes out for any Flowzilla inlets people might have lying around. Snap it up if you see one that's not ridiculous in price.