Leaf Spring Help


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Jan 1, 2000
Just need a little help sorting things out here. I am in the process of finishing off my V-6 to V-8 conversion. This is for a 1965 Coupe. Working on the differential and leaf springs right now. Swapping in a 8 in from a 65 Comet which I won't have any problems with, it is basically just a bolt in. My questions lies with the leaf springs. Mine were tired and sagging somewhat, they were actually 5 leaf and much to my surprize the following numbers were on the bottom D1ZA-5556-DA-01-2F. Pretty sure this denotes they came from a 71-72 mustang remember mine is a 65? Anyway I called my local spring shop and got a quote from them and they told me the replacements I would need are 4 leaf. My springs are 2.5 in wide. I also looked in the Canadian Mustang catalogue and they list standard rate springs and V-8 high rate springs. Anybody know the difference. What do you guys have on your 65 V-8's. Pretty sure I want to stay with a 5 leaf what do you guys think? By the way it was real fun getting the old ones out only went through 5 sawsall blades a fair amount of grinding, some choice language not intended for younger audiences and acouple of scraped knuckles. Thanks for any help and all comments.
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