Lisence Plates


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Mar 30, 2005
New Hampshire
Hey guys the cops are really starting to bother me about not having the front plate on my car. Do any of you guys have pics of how you mounted your lisence plate with out drilling the front of bumper. Maybe there's some kind of bracket?
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when i had mine off i put it in a factory bracket and threw it behind my seat and if they'd ask then i'd make some elaborate excuse and that it would be on soon lol....never got busted tho

The factory bracket does have provisions to mount under the air inlet part of the bumper, then maybe a little double-sided tape where the main holes would ruin the bumper...
66mustang93 said:
I have two holes where the previous owner drilled through the bumper :(

we don't have front plates in TN

go to a honda dealer and gank the license hole plugs off an S2000 or an SI and paint em to match!..


i used to work at one lol