Little fender bender on my baby :S ... cracked Saleen headlight


Mar 23, 2001
Edmonton, Canada
Unfortunately with the bout of bad weather we had here I ended up bumping into a pickup truck ahead of me. I stepped on the break super early since I knew it was icy but slid along for nearly a block at no more than 5 mph and just knicked this guys bumper, not enough to dent, or scrape my bumper (just a small scuff) but unfortunately the cold and the pressure caused my drivers side headlight lens to crack.

Being that I've got the Saleen kit on my car I'd really hate to have to buy a whole new kit at $800 for a cracked headlight. Does anyone know if you can just replace the lens? Anyone have any experiences with doing this, or know where I could just get a new Saleen housing, I was told by Saleen that they "officially" only sell the full kits :shrug: .

Any advice would be great as I'm feeling like a bit of an idiot right now :bang:

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