long tupe headers????

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I ran 13.89 @ 98 with shorties and a catted H. Added LTs, prochamber, and pulleys and went 13.21 @ 101, and later went 13.05 @ 103. I noticed great gains from mine but everyones car is different and without track times, you wont know!
I would guess you might have LOST a small amount of low end tq, and gained more high rpm HP. My car lost a lot of that low end grunt, not so much that it won't fry the tires with a slightest throttle blip, but after 3-3500rpm, it flat out screams, and pulls clear to redline. It used to die off after about 4500rpm, now i have to be careful or i'm 6250'in every shift. (at least before i got my shift light)