Long wheel studs/ Draglite/ Torq Thrust?


Mar 21, 2004
On my last trip to the dragstrip I was told I needed longer wheel studs because I run Weld Draglites. They are very thick wheels and the wheel studs must protrude through the wheel stud opening to be legal.

I figure these from Moroso would work fine on my '66 Mustang.


I realize I will need long shank open end lug nuts as well. No problem.

Since my street wheels are 17" Torq Thrust II's, is there a problem running long wheel studs with the Torq Thrust wheels? Does anyone here run 3" studs with Torq Thrust II wheels? Is there any interference from the acorn type lug nut and the wheel with the 3" long studs?

I know I would also have to have open end acorn type lugs for my street wheels. If the long studs work does it look like ass?
I've gotta keep it looking good too...

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I had to go with the long 3" studs then upgrade to the Gorilla splined lug nuts and then just cut the cap off the end. Its the only way I could get the lugs to the wheel without finding a long A socket and it clears the rim with no problems.
I just cut the top off my acorn nuts ;)