Looking For 900+ Hp Clutch


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Dec 28, 2009
Need to upgrade my clutch (Quarter Master 8.5 apparently cant handle 700 rwhp even though thats what the shop told me) as its starting to let go at anything above 5k rpm. This is a street driven car with occasional track use. Ive been looking at the McLeod RTX Twin Disk but does anyone have any other suggestions or opinions about this clutch? Car is currently pushing 564 at the wheels but will see 750ish in the next month or two.
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I would absolutely go with a twin disc. Any single disc at that power level will be miserable to use on the street. I plan on going twin disc when I fry my spec clutch. I'll be in the 800hp range as well.
The shop I bought my transmission from mentioned to me before I might need to modify the clutch fork to limit its travel since twin disks only need roughly half the travel (of the clutch fork) than that of a single disk, is there any truth to this?
i never had 900+ but the best thing I ever purchased was my Mcleod dual disc clutch, there is very little to no pedal pressure and it would grab like a mother. And for street driving it slipped very well and never jerked like that damp Spec crap
I'm running the RST twin disk and it is a beauty be it street driving or getting after it at the track. Very light pedal, tons of modulation, no chatter.
With the RST, a McLeod bell housing and an Astro A5 trans the stock fork needed no modifications, even though the instructions indicated that may be the case.
I got to drive a friends car with ~800rwhp and a bunch more tq on the street with the RXT some time ago, and that thing was equally buttery smooth. It was a turbo 316" with TKO900 and he was getting at it pretty hard at the track with 3.27's out back and never had a clutch issue. Car ran over 140mph (at elevation) in the 1/4 but it made it's living racing sport bikes in places that the police would not have been happy about... lots of roll runs out to 150+ mph, I'm pretty sure the car would go over 160mph in 4th... so big hard pulls.
It lived a good life like that.
Disclaimer, the car was dyno'd and "officially" made 725hp/771tq.. There was a really good rumor that the dyno posted was not on race gas and full boost. Given the way it would eat liter bikes (141 at race weight of 3450, and elevation) it was "estimated" to be making north of 800. It was at this point that I was able to get behind the wheel. It would haze the drag radials on the 3-4 shift at over 120mph. That's a pretty solid clutch in a full weight car. And like I said, Honda accord like around town.
I'm sure you realize that if you are getting after it often at that hp, no street friendly clutch is going to have a long and happy life.

Boy... I sure made that long.
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