Expired Looking for '93 Cobra Original


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Apr 4, 2007
Looking to grab a '93 Cobra, teal or black in that order. No preference on interior color, cloth/leather or sunroof options. I'd like an original car, minimal mods and reasonable mileage and no crashes. Post links please. Budget is flexible. I've checked local car shows, in CO, there just don't seem to be many foxbodies out this way, it's not like TX.
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I feel that you will need to expand your search some to get a better sample of what's available
This (stangnet) is a good place to start.
Agreed, searching ebay, cargurus and autotrader just doesn't do it. I've had my LX since 2003, its been in the family since 1993, bought new by my dad, maybe I can find a car that someone wants to go to a good home! No race car transformations here, just original so it can stay that way!
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56K miles out of New Jersey. Clean CarFax.


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