Looking for a 2004 Mustang GT Convertible


Oct 8, 2018
Brooklyn, NY
I currently own a 2004 V6 in sonic blue which I bought in August as my first car. I first fell in love with the car 15 years ago when my neighbors friend first got his license and his dad worked at a ford dealer and got his son a 2004 GT convertible in sonic blue. After searching since this past July I haven’t been able to find a good one. I found 5 total on all the car sites you can look for. 2 had over 90,000 miles and the other 3 had around 55,000 miles. I want one with under 70,000 miles so I elimated 2. 1 of the 3 had 60,000 miles but got into an accident in the front end so my mechanic was worried about engine damage. Another got hit by the wheel well so my mechanic was worried about frame damage. The third was also in an accident but I didn’t even bother to see the extent of the damage due to the gross looking two tone interior.

In short I’m looking for a 2004 Mustang GT Convertible in Sonic Blue with black interior, roof, and leather seats. Also with the GT premium rims instead of the bullet rims. Looking for it to have under 70,000 miles and not have been in an accident but if it was in one only minor damage. Preferably manual but automatic is fine too. I have been told to not worry about the paint job as you can always repaint it. Am I looking for too much? Does this car exist? I know only 1,200 GT Convertibles were made in sonic blue and most had automatics. Any information on one would be greatly appreciated.
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