1. J

    1999 Mustang GT, E-Brake Assembly/Wiring Failure (Help Needed)

    On my 1999 Mustang GT (Convertible), you need to engage the E-Brake which will then trigger the dashboard parking brake light to go on, and once it's on, the top can go down, or up. However, the assembly has been failing about 9 out of 10 times and I need to try to pull it up, release it, repeat...
  2. starstruck106

    Need Help 1995 Convertible 3.8 Temp Gauge still not working and alarm system is draining my battery

    I have a 1995 3.8 Convertible that I recently had a belt break on while driving in heavy winter conditions. The belt was replaced and I have driven maybe 400 miles since that time. About two weeks ago the gauges for fuel and temperature stopped working (just the ones on the left) I had this...
  3. N

    Looking for a 2004 Mustang GT Convertible

    I currently own a 2004 V6 in sonic blue which I bought in August as my first car. I first fell in love with the car 15 years ago when my neighbors friend first got his license and his dad worked at a ford dealer and got his son a 2004 GT convertible in sonic blue. After searching since this past...
  4. A

    2003 GT 4.6 - Best exhaust from 3 options

    Hi, I have a completely stock 2003 Mustang GT 4.6. I have three local exhaust opportunities each at $100 1: Stock system just replacing mufflers with Borla Bullet Style mufflers 2: Stock system with Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers 3: BBK Offroad X pipe 2.5” with Dynomax Super Turbos I’m looking...
  5. S

    For Sale 2003 Cobra Redfire Convertible

    2003 Cobra Convertible Redfire Exterior Color Black cloth top Black interior with Gray insert (Alacantara) and leather 68k Miles Price is $21,500 Located in Hoover, AL Built May 27th 2003 and is 3938 of 5082 and about 611 in this combination Original Purchase was at Eckenrod Ford, Cullman AL I...
  6. normster6969

    For Sale For Sale: Silver 2001 Mustang GT Premium Convertible $7,500 / 90,750 miles - lots of upgrades

    I'm selling my 2001 Mustang Convertible GT Premium edition. Here are the stats: Year: 2001 Model: GT Convertible Premium Color: Silver Exterior / Charcoal Grey Interior Mileage: 90,750 Location: Huntington Beach, California I'm the original owner and have garaged this car most of its life. It...
  7. A

    For Sale 92 Mustang LX 2.3L Automatic Convertible / Augusta GA / $2000 OBO

    '92 2.3L 4-cylinder N/A automatic convertible Mustang LX. White exterior, blue interior. Located in Augusta GA. Negatives: • Dents in passenger front fender and hood (see pictures) • Rear passenger fender dent from tire blowout (see picture) • Coolant leak somewhere, I think around...
  8. J

    Fox My Mustang 1993 Limited Edition LX 5.0L FE (Canary Yellow)

    This is my Mustang, I am taking it over from my uncle's collection of cars, I am hoping to complete a full restoration. The back glass is shattered, the convertible top has tears in it and the front seats are virtually unusable. The quarter panel has been rusted through on the driver side and...
  9. 8

    For Sale For Sale - 89 Mustang GT Convertible $8,000

    Hi there fellow mustang fans. I am selling my 1989 Mustang GT Convertible. I purchased the car 16 years ago. New motor with less than 5000 miles on it. Car has about 111,000 miles. I imported from Canada when I bought it, could easily go back if needed. Still has original gauges in kilometers...
  10. R

    91 Lx 5.0 r-12 to 134a issue

    About 2 years ago I did the r134a conversion kit from late model resto. For almost 2 years it blew ice cold with no issues. I didn't run my car for about 2 months due rain every day so it just sat in my garage. I recently went out to start it up, turned the a/c on and its now blowing hot air. I...
  11. A

    1965 Data Plate Confusion...

    Hey all, I have a 1965 Mustang Convertible that I am restoring and I have a big problem...the data plate is confusing the crap out of me. At the end of the data plate there is a 6 F...which you can see in the photos...what the heck does that mean? Thank you for your help! Austin
  12. F

    Convertible top leaks into area behind backseats. (1999 Mustang GT)

    Recently purchased a 1999 Gt convertible. I have noticed that when it rains. the water leaks in from both ends of the convertible where the straps are. The water then pools in the leather pouch behind back seats. What can I do to fix this? Drain hole? Flex Seal? Flex Tape?:(
  13. TheNudeLion

    Sn95.0 convertible hydraulic leak

    So the day starts off fantastic, throwing codes for running lean, have crappy idle, and lots of surging in the engine, along with CEL. I decided to clean the MAF sensor after using the EEC diagnostic today and it absolutely fixed it with amazin results.. so I felt lucky. After this I filled...
  14. 9

    For Sale $4k...mustang 5.0 auto/convertible/131k/$4k obo

    *Interior ; black orig. leather one rip in drivers seat ...everything works in this LX...a/c works great !!! all gauges work correctly !!!! including tach and fuel gauge, to cruise control and the factory radio works also this car is rare one to the fact it’s orig black on black and has not...
  15. jwalking

    67 Convertible Odd Non-Option

    I picked up a 1967 Mustang convertible that looks like it came from the factory with no heater. It has a solid factory embossed cover plate with the slots showing but not cut out instead of the normal heater control cover plate. The firewall also has a factory looking cover plate where the...
  16. E

    For Sale 1995 Mustang GT Convertible Project Car, Georgia

    I am selling my 1995 GT Convertible. This is a project car that has been parked and stored indoors since 2006. I parked it when I bought my 2007 GT and never got rid of it. This car is an original 5.0L V8 with a 5 speed manual and 194k miles. The body has some minor scratches and dents and the...
  17. G

    2 seater v 4

    Hi - I am thinking of making my 87 GT Convertible a 2 seater to save on some costs in registering it here in Australia. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it will decrease the value of a Fox Body Mustang to do this ? I can't really see anyone other than a child sitting in the back seat...
  18. Q

    2008 Mustang GT Build Thread

    Hey guys/girls! I bought a 2008 Mustang GT convertible that was in a somewhat minor accident a few months ago. I began documenting the build on YouTube. Here are some pictures of the car when I got it:
  19. G

    Convertible Rear Water Window 87-93

    Hi - Does anyone know where one can get the rubber stopper that goes in the bracket for the rear quarter window of fox body convertible. You can buy the replacement guide rod bracket but nobody seems to have this rubber stop. It is the most important part....forget about what the restoration...
  20. G

    Rear Seat Belts 1987 Convertible

    Anyone upgrade their 87-89 Convertible rear lap belts with lap sash belts ? If so, how did they do this. Or failing this does anyone have a picture of there the upper part for the rear lap sash belts on the convertibles (90-93) mount onto ? I need this to register my car in Australia.