Aug 8, 2021
I have a 1989 gt and it has a motor from a 88 Ltd after much help from you all its running and driving great My question is.....it had a vacuum leak and I fixed it now it runs like it has a cam,loppy,give it gas and it doesn't miss a beat,its quite a torquay car, but y is it running all loopy? Before I fixed the leak it ran smooth but real high idle have it at 14 degrees initial timing, mind you this block and year did not come with a roller cam,but it has one ,spider steel distributor gear and all,it came with the bosses but not the cam but if someone put all that work into machining seems like you would put a nice cam in it,it pulls hard and doesn't hesitate when you give it gas,so as for the loppieness what else can I check to see if it's cammed or just not running right?ty in advance for any info
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