Low Oil Pressure after Oil Change


New Member
Jun 6, 2004
Brick, NJ
When I cold start the car, the oil pressure will drop off from normal to low (according to dummy gauge) and sit there until I rev the car up a bit. Then it levels out and as the revs fall, pressure drops again. If I take the car around the block and it starts to warm up, the pressure will move back and be fine.

It started after I did my oil change. Using 5 quarts Mobil 1 5W-30 Synth w/ Motorcraft filter. This was my first time doing the oil change on this car. I just bought it like 3 weeks ago, only put 1-2k miles on it.

No oil leaks, oil is full to the max line. Oil was overfilled about a half quart to a quart when I dumped it and had some metal flecks in it. Car runs super, pulls hard, only has 23k miles on it. NO weird noises at all. No idea what's up and it's out of warranty I think :(

If anyone knows whats up please help!

Here's a video of it (in divx). The video is kind of dark, but you can see the gauges good enough: http://www.vacation-rental-source.com/chris/wtf_oil.avi
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