Lowered too much?

I just bought a '94 gt. pics already in another thread. My questions is this: It's obviously lowered, I don't know which springs are in there. When I drive over a large speed bump, even really slow, the tranny cross member sometimes hits. Is this normal for a lowered mustang. Or have maybe the springs settled too much and it's lower than it should be. I've got maybe 4" of ground clearance.

If this is the way it is than fine, I've had lowered trucks and such before so I can deal with it. I've just never had a lowered car and thought I'd ask for some input.

Comments are welcome.
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I've attached the only pics I have here. I'll get different pics tonight or tomorrow. It doesn't really look that low but I'll get an underneath pic to show the clearance. It's not like it hits all the time. Just on really big speed bumps.

Suspect said:
mine looks lower and i have no problems with it hitting anything. now that the side pipes are gone. maybe u need some new shocks and struts. :shrug:

Mine also sits a good bit lower...and I still have side exhaust (as you know, it hangs a bit low too) and I only have trouble on LARGE speed bumps.

Detonate, go across the speed bumps diagonally or if necessary, avoid them.

here is a pic to show how mine sits....unless yours is somehow lower than this, I don't see how you would be dragging the crossmember.
95Vert said:
A lil OT, Rio, how's the sound of the borla's and the side exhaust?

I like it alot personally. I get alot of compliments on the sound. I am switching the BBK O/R H to a Mac ProChamber over Spring break, and plan to take vids before and after to see the difference in sound. I'll have to find a place to host them though lol. My current webspace wouldn't be enough to host even one vid.