Lowering an 02 GT?


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Dec 12, 2006
Ive got an 02 GT 5sp and am fairly new to the world of Mustangs. Ive got a fairly large amount of experience with modding and working on cars because Ive been through 5 or 6 DSM's and had them anywhere from purely stock to pushing 350ish HP with all the work done myself. My question is however, if I were to lower my Mustang just a bit to reduce the wheel gap would I need any sort of camber correction kit? Ive not even had this thing apart to look at the suspension yet. Ive been shopping around for a couple months now just looking at whats available for our cars and have yet to see a camber correction kit. Thanks in advance guys!
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maximum motorsports makes a really good set of C/C plates if you want to go that way. Up to 1.5" drop its kind of up to you, most people dont run them unless you are looking for a big drop or want your alignment dialed in a certain way. I run FRPP C springs which are suppose to lower somewhere around 1.25" up front and .75" in the back and I dont run C/C plates even though the drop was around 1.5".
I would say up to 1.5" you should be ok with out them. Some people still get them though. I have BBK springs which dropped it about 1.5" and no problems. Had them on for about 3 years.
i used to have h&r supersports (1.75 inch drop).. all i needed was a new camber bolt? the guy said.. it my alingment was perfect. I know nothing about alignments and steering, so i had the CC plates from MM but than sold them. So i think youll be fine even with those springs. Im perfect with the prokit btw.. got i realighned just in case
02 GT here as well

Currently have Steeda sports and they were on the car when purchased. Stock struts/shocks with no C/C plates and alignment is perfect. See pic


I want it lower though and am going H&R SS with Tokico 5way adj and MM C/C plates. H&R list them as a 1.75" front and 1.6" rear drop.

Several Mach 1 guys installed H&R SS springs without changing struts/shocks and blew the stockers


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Thanks for the quick replies guys! I dont plan on going any lower than 1.5". Just with my DSM's I had to buy camber adjustment plates or the cars would eat tires. When I do something I just like to do it right.