LT header and starter Clearance


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Mar 3, 2010
I am putting my car back together and am trying to get the Headers and starter put in.

the problem is there is a VERY VERY small gap between the header and the large part of the mini starter. did anyone else have this problem? is the only way to fix it heating up the tube and denting it in?
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Thats just it i already have a ford racing mini starter.

I can get the headres bolt up just fine but the starter clearance is like 1/16th MAYBE 3/16th of and inch between the header and starter.
I also have MAC long tubes and the clearance between the passenger side header and starter is indeed very tight. I used a DEI Starter Versashield from Summit Racing to insulate the starter so that it doesn't get cooked by the header. Knock on wood it's survived two blazing hot summers without issue so far.
I called into Mac and was asking them about the clearance of the starter. when I told him i was running Edelbrock heads. He quickly informed me that I have raised Exhaust ports...When i told him the ports are in the stock location i got the whole well we only say they work with stock, GT40, and GT40p heads... and I would have to fab something up my self... or dent the header. The guy was being a complete dick about the whole thing, and had the whole "not my problem attitude” (that is my biggest pet peeve)

I have a complete Mac Exhaust so we will see how the rest “bolts up”. I already had to cut the Hangers off the H-pipe so I can relocate them a few inches (no big deal) but the reason I bought a complete exhaust system was so I did not have to build one myself. Sorry just ranting a bit

Anyone else have good luck with a set of headers on an automatic car?