MAC 70mm TB?


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Jul 8, 2004
Local Speed shop is running a special:
Mac 70mm Throttle Body & C&L 4.6L Upper Plenum Package for 289.95.
Is the Mac TB any good. Is there any other brand i should look at. Any oppinions appreciated.
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For the most part, a throttle body is a throttle body. It's rare that they "break", and they're pretty much so simple, it would be amazing to me if there were any gains over competitor's throttle bodies of the same size. That's a pretty good deal. I'd buy it if it were offered to me. You might want to hold off though for a 75mm if you plan to go forced induction later. I have a C&L plenum, and it's great. No problems. fit perfectly. as far as a cold air intake, i'd recommend what I'm using, the C&L tru-fit inlet pipe with 85mm mass air. It fits phenominally well, it's really well crafted, and doesnt need to use your stock crappy plastic MAF housing like a lot of other cold air intakes (like BBKs for example, what a chunk of garbage.)
Most use Mac throttle bodies without complaint. I on the other hand am an acception to that rule. I had a Mac 70mm throttle body and it was a piece of crap. Couldn't get it to close all the way no matter how much I adjusted the throttle screw and it ended up throwing a P1506 IAC overspeed code. I called Mac to see if I could return it just to get them to look at it and fix it. Of course, they were of no help and the guy on the phone seemed like an ass. I ended up getting a FRPP 70mm throttle body that came with a new throttle position sensor alread on it for around 150 dollars and with shipping it was about 160. That was from Parkway Ford in Ga. though and that was a couple years ago.