mac exhasut on a 67 coupe


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Aug 28, 2002
has anyone put long tube headers and shorty h pipe made by mac on there 67 coupe? if so how did everything bolt up? good or alot of work? and feedback would be great thanks
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Well, i have long tube headers, H pipe made by the exhaust shop, into some MAC mufflers. Are you going to an exhaust shop or are you doing this yourself? If your taking it somewhere, im sure they can handle it pretty easiliy...
How do you like the sound? i want to have my exhaust re-done to 2 1/2 and want to get away from flomasters b/c everyone has them. i heard them on a newer fox body with cats and it sound pretty good. :shrug:

Do you have the Mac headers? You specified long tubes but I'm not sure if you meant Mac's or not.

I have a set on order from Dallas Mustang for my 289 powered '66. Should be at my door in the next couple of days. Backing them up with a dynomax x-pipe and Flowmaster Delta 50s.

I'll post some sound bytes when completed.