Mach 1 And Shelby Gt350 Return To Ford Mustang Roster


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Nov 29, 1999
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We know the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang is set to capture most of the news bites from mid-year through next spring when it all goes down, so hey, why not keep throwing gas on the flames, right? The latest morsels released indicate Ford is likely to drop the Shelby GT500 and bring back some sort of SVT Cobra Mustang. At the same time, the Shelby moniker isn’t going to vaporize from the Mustang lineup anytime soon, rather, sources hint at the return of the Shelby GT350 near the 2016 model year, if not prior.

No big deal, per se–right? While it might not sound like it, it actually is. Prior to this proposed idea, the only way a Shelby Mustang was found on the streets (in contemporary fashion) was to be a post-title variant, not a thoroughbred official Ford factory model and VIN, indicating a true special edition from the motherland.

Maybe Shelby wasn’t/isn’t your strongest inclination to the Mustang (after)market…so what if we told you the Mach 1 nameplate was reported to return to the Mustang offerings from Ford? Grinning like we are about now? Better be.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a solid decade since we saw the first return of the Mach 1 badging, back on an SN95 Mustang, in a limited production span from 2003-2004. Its all aluminum DOHC 4.6-liter V8 was the most exciting naturally aspirated Mustang on the streets at the time…and maybe still is, in some sects. There’s not much to go on further at this point, as we really can only help the rumor mill churn, and bank up the “what if” in any given scenario.

So, until we hear more and the 50th Anniversary comes a bit closer, we’ll be sure to keep our ears on the ground for any rumblings about what’s to come.

Source: MustangsDaily

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