Mach 1 grill delete kit

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Look on ebay and you'll find lots of kits. But to tell you the truth all you need to do is walk into any local hardware store and ask for metal mesh. Chances are they have something near identical to what you'll find in a kit. Only difference is it's not pre-cut. You'll need to do that part your self. And a good adhesive like epoxy will be needed to fasten it to your car. I found some wire fence at a Home Depot that is identical to the stuff in the kits. Shop around your local places and I bet you'll find some for a lot less then what you'll pay for a kit. Good luck.
I've seen several kits floating around ebay that could help out with your concern, but I also heard alot of people say and it makes a good point....the new mach 1's don't have any protection....for them not to the chances of something messing up the radiator must be slim. I dunno though, better safe than sorry...
correct me if i am wrong, but the 94-98 models didnt have the egg crate grille peice like the 99+ and i havent realy heard of any major problems. Also i have the kit on my 99, havent had a single problem yet, i think the canches of something hitting are slim to none like danye said
are you talking about that honey comb think behind the poney? cus with us (pre 99 guys) can just take ours out, there is no "kit" needed", i dunno why you guys jsut can't do that...
yea you have to bend it, else take teh whole bumper off to gain access..... you can pop off the bolts every where but the push pins on the bottom and pull the front out but its really no need, i just bent it back, i know it seems bad... but bend it back and get in there and take em off and your done, doenst take to long.