Mach 460 Amps Please Help


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Mar 18, 2006
hey everybody today I replaced my Mach 460 headunit. I have a 2001. I used the Metra harness METRA 70-5519 FORD 2000-2001 AMPLIFIER INTEGRATOR PLUG as specified in the article writen here. I have hooked everything up and only get sound out of the 4 tweeters, but not the other 4 speakers (subs)

The amp piece of the harness has 2 blue/white cables labeled amp power, and 2 grounds. I tied the grounds together and ran to chasse, and tied the 2 blue/whites together and wired into the remote turn on on the head unit. I verified voltage going from the blue/white to the remote turn on on the head unit. Also on the amp piece of the harness are RCA plugs, which I ran into the head unit RCA out.

I think the amps just are not coming on, I don't hear a click....or there is an audio problem. I noticed one of the wires / solder points on the amp harness piece was broken. There are a total of 8 pins I think.... 2 blue/white for amp turn on, 2 grounds, white RCA, red RCA, and 2 other black ones I believe are ground for each RCA. One of those black ones was broeken, would that cause this?

Any help would really be appreciated, everything else is working great
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well I was playing around some more, and all the sudden my key stopped working at all...I put it in the ignition and it won't turn at all either way. I think it is a theft lock issue? Anybody know what is going on? My other key works thank god. Also if I put the mach 460 head unit back in and connect the 2 harness wires and the antenna it will not come on at all

*Edit* woops, it was accidentally my dads ford focus key lol is identical to the stang one with the same key fob even....ok key is fine, but still need input on the amp situation, anybody please?
well thanks for nothing hehe, but for all those reading this thread that have the same problem, it was the radio fuse (fuse 27 under the steering wheel) . After replacing that fuse everything worked great.