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Anyone using the MAFterburner as a tuning device?


Any info is appreciated.

It seems to me this would work fairly well, if the injectors were pretty close to being 'calibrated' for the MAF/ECU.

If the MAF 'calibration' was completely wrong, there could still be issues with the Load use? Namely timing advance.
I am not sure on that though, as I am not sure I am yet completely familiar with the product.

JT (Hissin50) emailed me the other day asking about this product as well. I haven't been able to get back to him.
Maybe you can pm him, and you guys can help each other.

I would be interested in hearing anything you guys come up with.

My first reaction after visiting their site...
Not worth $400.
Even though there are some issues with the TwEECer RT it is still the best tuning tool we have (on a per dollar basis). In my opinion of course.:p
The TwEECer allows reprogramming most any A9* setting AND datalogging up to 16 channels (some of which are internal calculations which can't be accessed with a typical voltmeter, like load and KAMRF's), AND the cost is only$550.

I would like to hear more on the MAFterBurner though :nice:

Thanks for your reply. Being new with the product {as well} my info on it is limited for sure. The Vortech LX is down right now and this is the car I was going to use the MAFterburner with.

I'll try to post back here the further along I get with we can all learn together. {I'll also PM Hissin50 for more info}

But from what I can see from the package/directions...the MAFterburner is not as versatile as the TwEECer, it seems to be VERY limited.

Thanks again,
Bobby, I was kinda' broad in my message to Jason before. I actually have a Maf-Tuner (it's an old Pro M unit from 2003). I'm not real sure what the difference is - I need to check to see if we have similar devices (for the sake of comparing notes. I don't want to clutter your thread too much if we have completely different devices).

FOr me, I think I know what I want to do with mine but wonder if the software (CD) I got is bad (I think it's rewritable. Who knows what was done to it before). I can't load any transfer files or save anything I manually install (it uses LIO files if that means anything to anyone). I'm real computer stupid though.

I haven't been able to use this thing yet (it's got some real weird curve loaded into the Eprom right now) but I have powered it up with a 9 volt battery on my desktop (only serial port I have). It looks kinda neat because you can set the range of the 'pots' (in my case I could set them at +/- 5 or 10%, so I can't do too much damage. :p You can also set them so the range of adjustment is huge).

If it turns out your MAFterburner is like the MAFTuner, I'll PM you the few links I have about the unit (a couple of install articles, some background info, lists of transfer curves, etc).

Good luck.
Hey Bobby,

Jason and I were comparing notes the other night [after he kindly found me a source for some info I needed :nice: ] and though I'm not much of the tuner type, I think the Mafterburner and MAFTuner are a little different.

Here's Mafterburner's site.

And here's some info on the Maftuner. And one more really good one for tuning a Maftuner is here.
There's also an article from a DSM guy's site (the site has Brunner in the name IIRC). I can't find the link right now in an internet search (it's on the other computer).

Anyhoo, I'm not sure the Maf Tuner stuff will be of much help. :shrug: Jason's much better at seeing how these things work than I am.

Good luck with it Bobby.
probably not the best way for you to use your first post on a tech forum :notnice:

Welcome to :SNSign:
While I will agree partially with you, it was searching for a WE4 online that led me to this site. Somehow Yahoo pulled up BlownLX's car list in his signature while I was searching for "WE4 Buick for sale". Regardless if he is interested or not I found a Mustang site I did not know about. Sorry if I offended anyone.
This was on "Similar Threads"

Not sure if it makes a difference that it was on a 2001.

It appears as though wsbrigham was initially happy with the MAFterburner then noticed problems.

EDIT: I just noticed how freakin' old this thread was...

Hissin and Blown, did you guys get it figured out? Since this thread was brought back from the DEAD might as well put some results up.
Hissin and Blown, did you guys get it figured out? Since this thread was brought back from the DEAD might as well put some results up.

I got mine to work and it was ok, though I was fighting the adaptive control. The '94 is now chipped so the unit is not used anymore.
I was just trying to use it to change parts of the transfer curve - a tough proposition without locking out the adaptive functions.