Mallory Dual Point tune up help needed


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Oct 26, 2002
Sunny Fl.
Hey guys, found out the distributor in the car was a Mallory Dual point set-up. Can someone give me some info on how to adjust the points? I just bought a complete tune-up kit and need to get it installed soon. Thanks......
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Same way you adjust the single points, only you have two to deal with. Set the gap when the points are opened at their widest by the dist cam. Also helps to use a dwell meter too. But you'd be better off converting it with a Pertronix unit in the long run. For a few dollars more than you spent on the points, you could have had a pertronix unit and been done with that for the next ?????? years.
Set the first set to .017 and the second to .019. If it pops at high rpm, make the gap smaller. Napa sells a replacement point set #CS 2300 that works much better than the Mallory points. We run Mallory dual point dist. in our cars. They work great.