Man discovers fire, man meets grill

I was hunting for a nice grill that would last. After some talk with a fellow co-worker of mine who enters BBQ contest for the past 20yrs he recomemnded 1 grill. He told me after 30yrs of making his own grill to fit his needs (gas) he found 1 grill he is going to buy. I intoduce to you the
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Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill
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This bad boy has a very nice feature that allows you to crank the pan that hold the coals closer or furthure(sp?) away from the food as you need. It also has a very solid cast iron door that allows you acess to the coal so you can move them around if need be. I'm putting it togther right now and man this grill is SOLID, it's going to last a long time. I also picked up a cover and some food utincels to grill tommorow and I can't wait. I'll get good pictures so you can see the inside and all. Man must go to play with fire
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Here are some pics of it assembled
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And some French wine my wife brought back from here last mission (there were 10 bottles but wha ha happin was :cheers: French do wine [and whine] quit well)
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And a hand made German Cuckoo Clock or as the Germans call it Vodka timer ;)
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Neighbor has one in all black... He cooks on it almost every day!!! That thing can hold a lot of burgers and dogs. Great grill to have if you entertain a lot!!! Very nice, where did you pick it up at?
Picked it up at Lowes the all black is $199 the deluxe model (mine) goes for $249. I wanted something that was going to last and stand up to the weather. Stainless steel does just that, and yes the crank and the acces door played a big part in me chosing this model. The old guy at work was really impressed with it and to me that meant something. The man comes in normally the top 10 contestants in competition so he knows his grill. He's also made the absolute best BBQ I've tasted, even paid him to make me some (a wopping $5 for 5 pounds so I gave him $10)