Map pocket removal


I'd do anything for free Bapples
May 29, 2004
Davenport, IA
I am sick of my sagging map pockets on the doors, can i just "rip" them off, or is there more to it, i know that snap-button will still be there :nonono:

I saw somebody put suede on theres, but how do you take off that piece 'behind' the map pockets??

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The map pockets are stapled to a backing piece of fiberboard that is attached to the door panels with several large metal "brads". To remove the backing panels to recover them like the guy did in suede, you have to remove the door panels and then you will see how they are attached.

But sometimes you can just rip the pockets off and the backing is fine. The pockets are just stapled to the backing board.

Good luck!