March Ram Air K&N Filter part#

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Nope... sure don't but I can tell you that, that kit is more hassle than it's worth after having run it for a number of years.

If it's your intention to help clean up the environment by scooping up street litter with your intake then it's the right kit for the job. Otherwise, forget it.

I will say though, that the filter box and filter kit are a nice addition. The scoop and dryer hose are worthless. You'll end up removing it in a couple of months after digging all the solid matter out of the air-box.

If you insist on a ram air kit of some sort, take a look at the Kenne Bell kit. It at least has a clean-out.
Just measure the base of the old one or the opening in the filter box. Any conical with teh same sized base measurement will work. I dont' think anyone makes one longer than the one that came in the kit.