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Jan 14, 2004
This ad is for the sale of my 1985 Mustang GT T-Top rolling chassis. I purchased this car a little over 5 years ago from Arizona where it had spent all of its life. You will not find a mustang cleaner than this one. The paint looks great from far, but does show minor imperfections and could use a good buffing to shine again. The interior has been converted to accept a 91 black interior which I am including with the car. The only thing missing from the interior is the carpet and seats. I have the original headliner and new fabric to reupholster. Everything besides the body has under 5k on it. I have purchased a house and no longer have the funds to finish. I have over 10k invested and am just looking to get some of this back. Something can be worked out if purchaser wants interior installed or price can be lowered if buyer purchases the car without the wheels or interior. The care is not being sold with a rear end. I recommend buyer to come see car in person.

Shell and suspension can be purchased separately for $2,000. (Not including interior or wheels)

Performance upgrades include:

Tubular rear upper and lower control arms
D & D MotorsportsCoilovers all around
Koni Shocks and Struts
D& D Motorsports Caster/Camber plates
D & D Motorsports front tubular K Member
D & D Motorsports front tubular A Arms
SN 95 front spindles with 5 lug wheel hubs
Mac Cat Back Exhaust System
10 Point Roll Cage with rear X Brace
Through the floor sub-frame connectors linked to cage with outriggers
Undercoated with Rust Bullet Rust Proofing
Interior is fully lined with Dynamat Sound Proofing
10 th Anniversary SVT Cobra Rims
2 BF Goodridge T/A Drag Radials 275/45/17 (90% tread)
2 Yokohama es 100's 245/45/17 (90% tread)
91 lx black interior (except seats and carpet )
sn95 disk brakes (cobra brakes shown in the picture are not included with car)

Car is located in Chicago, IL

Asking Price is $3,200 obo

Please call or text Danny at 312 218 0229 No Scammers! Only serious buyers!


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