Motorvator and 70mm TB

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Bird_Dog347 said:
Has anyone bought the motorvator tb spacer, and is it really worht the 80 dollars? If you are not familiar with it, here is the link.

I have been told by the sales people it works great, but hey they are trying to sell me something...

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NOpe. its not. check around the boards and youll see that NO ONE has them as a mod.
i wound get the TB spacers, it says it will add turbulance to the air which is better, but by the time the air gets the heads it will not have the same turbulance, so it really wouldn't help any.

the 70mm TB will help, but if there are no serious engine mods its not gunna help to much

TB Spacer isn't going to do jack. Our upper intakes have so many twists and turns in them downstream from the TB that any 'turbulence' effect is worthless (it's questionable whether it'd even make a difference on a 'straighter' intake in the first place, IMO, just more of a restriction).

There's a guy on selling intake spacers for like 80-90 bucks, that would be a WAY better investment. The intake spacer will drop your upper intake AND TB operating temperature a good 20-50 degC, and add a bit of length to the runners, which probably shifts your torque curve down a bit and gets you a bit more bottom end.

TB spacer on our cars = waste of money. Intake spacer isn't the best bang/buck option either, but it's way better than a TB spacer.
Oh, and the 70mm TB is completely unnecessary as well. Unless you have some SERIOUS mods, like a highly-built N/A motor, or forced induction, the stock 02 TB (60mm) flows more than enough to feed any stock 3.8. The stock TB will flow about 300-330cfm, which is easily sufficient for a 3.8 up to 6000rpm. If you're really gung-ho about TB stuff, you can try half-shafting and polishing yours (will improve flow by about ~30cfm if you do a good job). I posted a thread on this a while ago, do a search 'halfshaft'.

Once again, spend the money elsewhere, like some pulleys, exhaust if you don't have it, or even a cam, if you're feeling adventurous. :)
i bought it and yeah didn't seem to do much. but then again i pretty much saved money cause i bought the package deal with the intake tb and the spacer. so i guess it was worth it. hey ever call rpmoutlet the girl over there always flirts with the customers. kinda scared me when she called me from her cell phone though lol
You got the cold air, next should be 373 gears and a t-lok, with a Superchip, followed by exhaust and headers. This setup is the biggest bang for the buck speed wise you should see mid 14's. Anything after that is a waist of money, or will cost you more than what its worth in my opinion.

The next step would be Supercharging, and that is expensive. :nice: