msd Pro Billit Dis


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Dec 22, 2006
Three Rivers, Mi
I finally decided to mod out my daily driver 95 gt. I am also in the process of selling one of my would be projects, 88 gt hatch. I have collected a $h!t load of parts for the 88. Basically, I spent last night trying to find out want could be used on my 95. I came a across a few. So my question is, what is the different between the msd pro billit for 87-93 and the 94-95? I was thinking it was the control mod.?
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As far as I know the only diff is where the module is mounted. On the dissy with the Fox and on the pass side by the MAF on the SN95's

Would require reworking the harness to use the fox one.

You would have to check the part #'s to see if the modules themselves are diff. The SN95 has a heat sink it sits in.