My 2002 Gt


Jan 1, 2012
I have been away for awhile but have finally been able to return to the mustang. I use to have a 91 GT then sold it to do a build on a notch back. Then the job situation got real scary and I had to scrap all of my plans. Now I am back with a 2002 GT. It is black on black,leather interior, mach 1000 stereo,5-speed 66,000 miles and bone stock. Well it does have flowmasters. I know nothing about the 4.6 motors and am going to need some help in building this a little. I am wanting to make 500 rwhp supercharged motor. I know the car makes 270 hp. Which is very anemic compared to anything on the streets today. A Kia Optima has more power than that. It makes me sick but that is just the facts. So where to start. I am ready to hear from you guys and get the build started!
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