My 302 is lacking power!

i need some help! my 89 stang is lacking power. she is running rough at idle, and wants to shut off on me, and has a few times. it feels like a misfire, however the sparkplug wires are good, and i changed the sparkplugs thinking that would help but did not. i've also replaced the Idle air control valve, throttle position sensor, ignition coil, the MAP sensor, and the distributor cap, and rotor. Every single fluid in my vehicle has no more than 400 miles on it, and the fuel filter also has that same amount of use. A couple of people are telling me that i might need a new distributor, and or fuel injectors. By the way...i had this same problem before, and it went away for about a month but i figured thats because i had her sitting for about 2 years. Apparently their is something wrong. Need help guys and girls. Thanx.
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When you retrieve the codes, after the KOER codes, you can run a cylinder balance test. Do this and see if the puter gives you an idea of which cylinder is acting up (to see if it's a random misfire or from one particular cylinder).

I agree about considering and diagnosing the EGR. Look for carbon holding the pintle open or vac going to the EGR at idle (which it should NOT).

Good luck.
I had the same problem and it was the stator inside the distributor. I believe you are also supposed to replace the tfi module when you replace the stator. I bought both from the dealer for $220, but I think you could pick up non-motorcraft items from the local parts store for around $70.