My car wanders when driving.


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Jun 16, 2004
I'm trying to figure out why my car wanders only when I began to turn the steering wheel or when I'm taking a corner fast. The car feels unstable. This is kind of hard to explain, so bare with me. When I hit bumps my front struts seem to bottom out. According to haynes manual if your struts are bad they will bounce more than two times when you press down on the car. Well they seem to bounce only twice. The alignment seems fine. The car goes in a straight line. So, what is the problem? The car only has 31K miles on it. Are the struts already bad?
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I don't feel any vibrations. When I turn slightly left or right, the car feels like it's going where it wants to. When I'm taking a corner fast I get the same feeling. It feels like the car is shifting left then right. It definately feels a lot different then the 2002 GT. The GT feels like a tight rope compared to the loose feel of the Cobra.
i'd say its your tires. My dads MR2 was doing that, felt like he broke a track bar. Go to find out one of the tires had bad side wall and was really weak. Made the car track all over the place. really scary at high speed and turning!