My name is freakintiger, and I am addicted to Stangnet

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freakintiger said:
The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Every night I am on Stangnet.
My TV is lonely and threatening to leave me.
Internet is better for you, lol. :nice:

TV is terrible nowadays. I watch maybe 2 hours of TV a week, and even then it's the local news or something on the history channel. It's nothing but annoying reality shows and "CSI" spin offs on all the other channels...not worth my time to watch that crap. The whole "Reality TV" thing never caught on with me. That show "Fear Factor" for example...who the hell wants to watch somebody eat live centipedes or jump in a pile of leeches? You gotta wonder sometimes... :rolleyes:

I'm strictly about movies and DVD's now. :D And of course I'll play madden or gran turismo on the playstation sometimes. But that's pretty much all I use my TV for.
I too share this affliction computer is usually on stangnet all day and night. My brain thrives on learning about Mustangs and my car is another addiction....not driving it yet , but rebuilding... a slow tedious project but I am very anal about all details and am doing it right the first time. Slow but sure, the beast will come back to life.
kiddiccarus said:
Man this and TF make my job easier to compe with the boredome of sitting in an A/C office, watching cable and getting paid all night lol

CABLE WTF!!! LOL you got me beat I could watch movies on my portable DVD player but they didn't have a TV to watch let lone cable :bang:
kiddiccarus said:
no one can stop those two it is an epic battle that will rage on through time.

I think you're right but I can't blame Mr Woodster for trying :nice:

kiddiccarus said:
LOL man we got everything, cable, T1 internet, A/C, women every where in t-shirts (they come in white but leave either wet, or with dirt circles on the chest) I like my job.

*Pssss* are you guys hireing I need a job?????????

So what ya do anyways?