my rant


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May 14, 2007
this weekend i decided to put my tfs hci swap in weather is finally nice enough to drive. i tore everything off of the motor brike a bolt on the h2o pump, no biggie, so im putting the heads on and decide to take a little break and gap the plugs i get to the last box and the last plug was missing, so i run to the parts store because they screwed me they told me tough i should have looked before i left the store. what ever, so i bought a new plug and went back to the garage, when i got there i was looking over everything and noticed **** i forgot lifters, so i run to a different parts store and said that i needed a set of lifters for a 88 fox they bagged them i paid and left got back and realized they only gave me eight, so back i went got 8 more then i get back everything is going ok i go to put headers on the bolts didnt line up, i called summit they said that was an error on their e catalog so they are sending ups to pick old p.o.s. and are shipping new ones and giving me 100 dollars off, after this i went in the house and had a couple of beers, what a day:mad:
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May 5, 2005
Summit gave you $100 off! I'd say your day went pretty good!

Projects never seem to go as easy as planned. Just think of all the fun you're gonna have with that HCI! :nice: