need a car audio "expert"

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Roger_4.6_96 said:
I would go Jl audio for subs and amps. With highs i would go mb quart.

i like the jl subs and amps. i just switched out my mb quarts for some boston acoustics. highs are brighter and crossovers were better quality. Pricey though. And i run an Alpine head unit with no power(tuner only).
thanks guys, i think im going with a full infinity system...i already have 2 12" infinity subs from the previous owner...i think im going to be going with infinity kappas all around thanks to a few people who ive talked hate to go anything but the best cuz id notice it in the playing (im a perfectionist unfortunate for my wallet lol) but thatnks for your help i appreciate all of it....i was thinking about getting some rockfords....but i have heard what infinity subs are like and theyre quality products so i think id be satisfied with some kappas
Infinity is only a faint shadow of what it once was. Their Beta line was the pinnacle of their existence. If you want the same basic sound quality, but more power handling and better midbass, look at JBL- same company anyway.

For components, I always recommend you build the set yourself from raw drivers. PartsExpress or Madisound are good choices for these, and Madisound will even build you custom crossovers if you so desire- for not much money. Look into Vifa, SCanSpeak, Audax, SEAS ($$$$), Morel, Dynaudio, Focal, etc. These companies actually manufacture the drivers for most car audio companies. MTX and Boston Accoustics are the only "car audio" manufacturers I can think of that actually build their own drivers. Most others are off-the-shelf drivers with someone's pretty stickers placed on them.