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its just a 3$ simple strobe light I bought at walmart to start learning about hooking electrical stuff in cars it just has a negative wire and a positive wire I know I need to ground neg.. but im not sure where to tap into the 12volt system with the positive wire or even how to do it thanks
Basic for all my gauges I tapped into my fuse box. You can either unbolt the box and splice into or if you want to do it real quick. Take a fuse out and put the wire in then put the fuse back in. If your looking for a 12v source, in the middle of the fuse box there will be a blue colored fuse try that. You don't have to take each fuse out to see if it will work. You can just take the wire, with the car on, and hold it to each fuse where the metel is at on it. It should lite up the light. If you don't have a good ground it won't work. If that is the case just put a wire on the battery and then check the fuse.

Good luck
bobjenkins said:
is this more complex than I thought or do I just hook the positive wire to something positive ? no one on 6 forums can tell me maybe its more complex than that

Ok, (i'm guessing) you have a 12 volt DC strobe light. For starters you may want to just hook the positive wire to the positive terminal on the battery and the negative wire to the negative terminal on the battery ... just to make sure it works. I don't know if this is too basic talk but you said you were learning. You can ground the negative wire to any bolt that is attached to the frame of the vehicle. Be sure to remove any paint on metal to ensure a good negative ground. The positive wire can be hooked up (like SVT said) to a fuse under the dash. You can look in your owners manual and see which what fuses do what, and deductively reason which ones will have power constantly and only when the ignition is turned. The more precise way is to use a voltmeter and test each fuse with the ignition on/off etc. You just want to make sure that whatever you are hooking up is not always turned on or you will have many dead batteries. :Word: