Need Help - Broken Oil Pan Bolt

Hey All,

I managed to break one of my oil pan bolts off while installing a new oil pan today. The rest are all torqued to spec, but of course the last one I go to tighten snaps off flush with the block.

I can try and helicoil it...or:

Any chance some JB weld would hold strong enough for me to back it out?

Any chance that the 10 remaining bolts on that side will be enough to stop the oil from leaking out? Just wondering if it was over-engineered or if all 11 bolts are needed to stop oil from leaking.

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I had a broken one on my car for 3 years, never leaked a drop.

If the engine is out of the car, i'd make my best effort to get the bolt out.
If it's in the car, i wouldn't go trying to kill myself to get it out.
Keep in mind too, my oil pan had these thick metal rails that the bolts went through. Don't know if they came on foxbodies, but the engine that was in my car was from a 95.
They definetely keep you from bending up the pan.

I also switched to a canton pan, still same broken bolt, no rails, no leaks.
If you got those rails it would help more in your case and if it's one of the smaller 10mm? bolts I def wouldn't worry about it, the 4 outer ones I would assume are more vital for sealing but I wouldn't go crazy about it especially if you are using those rails.but If you want a set of those rails I got a set if you want em cheap just PM me.
I doubt the Jb weld will hold, if it was tight enough that you broke it trying to install or remove it, it's got to be in there pretty good.