Need help in picking shocks

Which suspension?

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Nov 29, 1999
Alright, in a couple weeks I will be upgrading my shocks/struts/springs cause they are shot. I have narrowed it down to three choices. The car spends its life as a DD with bi-monthly drag strip visits and SCCA solo events.

1: Bilstiens w/Eibach Pros $800
2: Eibach Pro kit with Eibach struts/shocks $630
3: Tokico Dspec coilovers w/16 way adj $695 EDIE: Not coilovers, just specific rate Tokico springs :(

I like the adjustability of the d-Specs but non-progressive springs suck now on a DD, might just be the blown shocks :shrug:
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The only thing thats holding me against Bilstien is the ones I have are shot. I calle Bilstien because of the "lifetime warrenty" which dosent apply if you cant find the reciept. What does it matter if its life time :shrug:
Somebody on here posted that brenspeed has the Tokiko's for $269.
Combined with the Eibachs around $225. =$494.

Thats the Tokico Blues. The local shop (Late Model) has the Eibachs for $210.
Its funny that nobody has voted for them but the ones Im really leaning twords is the Eibach kit. Eibach has specialized in suspension for years and it seems their shocks are real nice. Its too bad that nobody has them so I can see if anyone likes them :shrug:

Last time I put up a post asking everyone replied yes they have the Pro springs. :nonono: I even kept saying the set WITH the Eibach shocks.

So the MM valved Bilstiens cost about $650 shipped and then $210 + tax for the springs moves me out of my budget because I will do Steeda bump steer and CC plates at the same time since it will have to be aligned again.